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Kenneth Maffei, Phd., CEO

Dr. Maffei received his Ph.D. in Plasma Physics in 1984 from the University of Maryland. Prior to his career in software development, he was involved in many research projects including proof-of-principle fusion devices, airport security systems, and the design of large-scale radiation generators. In 1994 Dr. Maffei founded Applied IDEAS, Inc., a software consulting firm servicing the high-tech industry. Since then he has acted as a consultant and software developer in the fields of data acquistion and measurement, 3D graphics and animation programming, autostereoscopic displays, and most recently specialized applications for mobile platforms.

His work has included developing specialized polygon reduction routines and parametric modeling applications for 3D graphics. In recent years he developed a unique and unparalled technology for the creation of 3D avatars as the Director of Graphics Technology for Bandalong Entertainment. This work entailed developing creative methods for the display, appearance, and user modification of these avatars.

Dr. Maffei is also the developer of Applied Ideas' Ignition Game Engine, a full-featured 3D game engine specifically designed to address the complexities and challenges that 3D artists face when working with modern game technology. The Ignition Game Engine is used as the backbone for Applied Ideas' Game Design Curriculum, currently deployed in dozens of schools across the country.

In 2010 he developed Applied Ideas' User Generated Content (UGC) application for autostereoscopic digital signage systems. This unique product allowed anyone to create and customize 3D content for immediate use on autostereoscopic displays, without the need to understand 3D.

Dr. Maffei's focus has turned in recent years to mobile applications development. Working as a contractor for Oceanhouse Media, he has designed and developed a number of mobile engines for both Android and iOS that support almost 200 Oceanhouse Media apps, ranging from children's books to specialized lifestyle applications.